New launch in Mauritius

16 June

Athena Advisers is very proud to add a new destination to its portfolio. Exotic, dynamic and ethnically diversified, Mauritius offers a truly unique lifestyle experience where work and pleasure are intricately connected, attracting more and more foreigner investors.  

A tropical island paradise in the middle of the Indian Ocean, Mauritius has long been considered as one of the world’s leading luxury travel destinations with its sandy beaches and turquoise waters. Beyond the beauty, it’s today a rising global star that soon became the region’s most dynamic business hub. With its low tax rate, its simplicity of doing business, its sound health and school systems, Mauritius is a new unmissable destination for investors.

Athena Advisers has therefore handpicked a selection of the best developments on the island. Located in various regions of the island, those developments meet all of Athena’s criteria which are a stunning lifestyle, a sound investment and amazing properties.

Find out more about Mauritius in our destination guide, read about Mauritius lifestyle in our journal and discover our selection of handpicked properties here

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