Moving from London to Lisbon? I Athena Advisors

15 June

London and Lisbon are so different they can be hard to compare. Yet for over the last 18 months Lisbon’s property market is attracting many British, as well as Portuguese Golden Visa investors, some wealthy and most with a penchant for culture. With that in mind we weigh off the health care system, education and other data, which may be of interest to those looking to invest in Portugal’s capital.

Cost of living As you might expect Lisbon is a lot cheaper than London, but then salaries in London are a lot higher. The average disposable salary in London is around £2,000 per month while in Lisbon it is £767. Housing is London is almost three times more expensive, at around £2,600 pm for a centrally located 3-bed apartment.   Basic utilities in Lisbon are about half the price of London, as well as leisure facilities such as local pool and sports facilities. There is one exception which breaks the pattern though; there are many free museums in London whereas in Lisbon most range have entry fees from €5-€10.

Education and schools If you are planning on moving to Lisbon long term, you might be interested in the academic scene. In Lisbon’s private schools your children will be taught American and British curricula, working towards International Baccalaureate qualifications. The best school in Lisbon is widely considered to be St Julian, where pupils are highly competitive, successful and pupils are mainly English speaking. The school has top-class sports facilities, drama department along with a lot of other extra curricular activities. The International Preparatory School of Lisbon for younger children (2-11 years) is a friendly place and maintains high standards of regarding personal development and learning. It is endowed with an amazing library and sport facilities.

Health system: Foreigners living in Portugal are entitled to healthcare under certain circumstances. Public hospitals can be accessed by anyone, but payment is required. Foreigners with legal residency permit are entitled to National Health Service at a discounted rate. If you are planning on being an expat you need to obtain a Numero Utente (in order to be assigned a physician) and you can then benefit from health treatments at a discounted price. If you do not have one you can be admitted for emergency treatment and then your insurance will have to cover any charges.

Contacts: St Julian’s school: Av. Jorge v 374 - Quinta Nova, 2775-588 Carcavelos, Portugal Phone: +351 21 458 5300 International Preparatory School R. Lagoa 171, 645-344 Alcabideche Phone: +351 21 457 0149 Hospital da Luz: Av. Lusíada 100, Portugal Phone: +351 21 710 4400

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