Macron tipped to be the next French president

16 June

On the 7th of May, the second round of the French elections will determine whether Marie Le Pen or Emmanuel Macron will become the country's new president. The winner will have much to occupy them in order to boost the economy. Market expert John Busby explains why Macron is tipped to win and what this could mean.

"The financial markets have reacted well so far to the predicted win for Macron as his experience as a banker with Rothschild and his two years experience in Hollande's government as minister for the economy hoped to yield some positive results."

Through his socially liberal vision and pro-european policies, Macron promises to tackle EU legislation in a refreshing way to make it more accountable and democratic by introducing incentives for entrepreneurs, lower costs for business, lowering corporation tax from 33% to 25%, stopping increased taxes, and investing in research, innovation and construction.

"Whilst all this goes on, French mortgage interest rates look set to remain stable until after the election and perhaps further till we see the make up of the legislature. The property market remains highly active especially at the prime end, showing the confidence and value to be found in France."

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