Lisbon’s Booming Property Market & European Citizenship Webinar

16 June

In a continuous effort to bring our knowledge right to your doorstep, we're holding our first ever webinar entitled Lisbon’s Booming Property Market & European Citizenship Webinar. We'll be uncovering what makes Lisbon such a great city and why now is a good time to invest. Plus we'll explain why Portugal's Golden Visa is the most popular in Europe.

This digital leg of our roadshow at 13:00 BST on 23rd May will cover the following topics:

  • Europe’s fastest growing property market
  • How Lisbon is changing as a city
  • Entry to the Golden Visa & European Citizenship programme
  • Unique access to an expansive property portfolio
  • Live Q&A session

If you are interested in attending our webinar, please register your interest by contacting us here.

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