International property investors continue to hold France in high regard

14 June

A new report by HiFX the currency exchange network has highlighted that whilst French tax increases have caused many French nationals to look towards relocating out of France, non-EU investors continue to hold France in high regard.

According to the survey, around thirty five per cent of potential investors would like to attain an overseas property in the following two years, with the majority of this figure choosing France as their destination of choice. Mortgage liquidity is high and highly competitive prices can be found on prime properties located in the France’s most popular locations; Paris, the French Alp’s & the Cote d’Azur.

“Mortgages in France are at the best rates ever recorded and investors are looking to exploit this by using the 20-25 fixed rate repayments,” said Hadjira Beloucif, Head of Marketing at Athena Advisors. “Each new development we are launching see 5-10% more enquiries than the last. The appetite for French property investments is still growing.”

To see Athena Advisors range of French properties you can view the portfolio here. For further sales information you can call the Central London office on t: +44 (0)20 7471 4500 or e: [email protected]

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