How well do you know Paris? I Athena Advisers

15 June

The average person’s general knowledge on Paris can be quite impressive, but here are few other things, which most people don’t know about the capital city of the world’s most visited country.

1 - The Seine is not the only river in Paris:
La Bièvre flows through underground tunnels and reaches the Seine River in the Quartier Latin. Some say its course was modified from its original track designed to supply irrigation for an abbey outside of Paris.

2 - The Louvre isn’t the only place to boast masterpieces:
The Musée D’Orsay, which was previously a rail station, has a unique collection of impressionist’s paintings. It houses the whole occidental artistic work of the period 1848-1914. The museum in itself is also a piece of art, a palace, designed for the 1900 Universal Exhibition.

3 - If you need a Café:
Café culture is big in Paris and away from the sometimes expensive tourist traps there are 181 places where you can find an espresso for less than €1. A map has even been created in order to find them.

4 – Trousers banned in Paris:
Until 13th January 2013 under French law it was technically illegal for women to wear trousers in Paris unless they had been given consent by a police officer. The law was created in 1800 - just after the French Revolution – and only in 1892 and 1900 were two exceptions created; with trousers being allowed when biking or horse riding. 

5 – A Spanish Eiffel Tower:
The engineer of the Eiffel Tower wanted to build it in Barcelona, but the authorities thought the structure of the monument was weird and the building costs too high so they refused to have it built in the Spanish city. The Eiffel tower is the tallest building in Paris.

6 – Paris, the lucky one:
At the end of the Second World War Hitler gave the order to the Paris governor - Dietrich von Choltizt - to level the city. The general had always abided by the Fuhrer orders, destroying Sebastopol and Rotterdam. But he defied this order and also another insisting he should destroy all of the bridges over the Seine. When Choltitz died in 1966 his funeral was attended by a number of high ranking French officers. 

7 – Paris in numbers:
13 Tons – The weight of the Notre Dame Cathedral bell, called Emmanuel.
6,100 – The number of streets you can walk in Paris, and it will take you only two hours to get from the north of the city to the south. 
1,780 – The number of bakeries you can find in Paris!
1,124 – The number of bars at your disposal.
3 – The number of Statues of Liberty you can find in Paris (Luxembourg Gardens, Swan Island, Avenue de New York).

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