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14 June

According to a recent study lead by; wealthy owners are still attracted by the French Real Estate Market. 54% suggest that it is the right moment to invest in a property.

The possible future price decrease and the  doubts regarding the evolution of the of tax regime do not discourage at all buyers. ‘Despite the economic gloom –that is even worsening-, France keeps its attractiveness for the luxury real Estate market’ according to Laurent Demeure,CEO of Cokdwell Banker.

54% of the potential investors who have been  interviewed and who are looking for a property that cost more than 750,000 euros believe that it is the right moment to invest even if they are 75% to think that French economy is vulnerable and could even worsen in the next few months

According to the study that had been lead  between the 4th and 13th June, French Real Estate is considered as a safe investment by residents and non-residents. 75% of the interviewed are expecting price decrease for the next few months. 29% of them expect even a

price drop between 7% and 10%.

However, as a purchasing criterion, it is interesting  to notice that price comes only at the 6th position; further behind the location, the quality of the development and the architecture according to Severine Amate, head of communication at

What is the buyer’s profile?

Decision-making men represent 65%. They are 50  years old and more and possess already a property. They are even 43% to own

between 2 and 5 properties and 17% to have more than 5 properties.

Foreigners represent 23% of the investors. 24%  come from Paris and its area and 14% stem from the Mediterranean region

First-time buyers are almost absent. They are  only 11% according to the study

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