French mortgage rates hit new all time lows

14 June

Competition between French banks for domestic buyers has created the best opportunity for UK and international investors to borrow money in the country since the end of WWII. Non-residents can access these all-time historic low rates with a 20 year fixed rate mortgage now standing at 3.35% and a 20 year tracker mortgages from 2%.

“The European Central Bank has remained stable so these new rates are simply down to the fierce competition between the banks for the best applications,” comments Nicholas Leach from Athena Advisors. “These are the best rates investors have seen for over 65 years so it’s no surprise we’re seeing investors choosing to lock in some long term value in French bricks and mortar.”

The current rates on offer are 0.25% below previous lows which were last seen at the end of WWII. 

John Busby from French Private Finance, Athena Advisors sister company added:

“The cost for a €100,000 loan has now dropped to €572 per month for a fixed rate over 20 years and €502 per month for a variable rate at 2%. If you strip out the inflation element which is currently 1%, then the current variable rates are effectively at 1% and fixed rates at 2.35% in real terms. However you look at it, this is incredibly cheap money.” 

Leach continued: “With such low rates it is now much easier for investors to find self-financing properties,especially in central Paris and the Alps. Seasoned investors buyers understand that these rates won’t be around for long so they’re trying to capitalise now.”

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