French government to speed up construction in order to meet demand

14 June

The French government has discussed plans to accelerate the construction of housing in France which includes converting offices into housing and also accelerating the procedures for issuing construction permits.

The expedited orders will be ratified in "in the fall," said the Minister of Housing.

"We are determined to move faster and better to build housing," said Cécile Duflot. 

"Today, there are 3.5 million people who are poorly housed, people are finding it increasingly difficult to get housing with rents that are compatible with their income so you have to have determined efforts to create of affordable housing, "she argued.

The measures announced are part of the emergency housing plan unveiled on March 21 by the French President. 

The measures will provide "an integrated procedure" which will gather "all authorization procedures required for a project in order to achieve faster issuance of building permits in respect of the protection of the environment".

The bill also intends to "reduce the processing time in lawsuits and fight against abusive litigation."

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