French & Brazilians lead investments in Portuguese real estate

25 April

International appetite for property in Portugal and in particular, Lisbon, continues to be high, show recent figures.

According to data released by APEMIP, (Association of Professionals and Companies of Real Estate Mediation of Portugal), the French (29%) were the highest foreign investors in Portugal during 2017, whilst Brazilians accounted for 19% of all foreign investments in Portugal. This was followed by the English (11%), the Chinese (9%) and Angolans (7.5%).


Increasing tourism and the attractive market dynamics of affordable prime central real estate and flexible immigration continue to drive buyers to Portugal and, in Particular, Lisbon.

According to data from the association, Brazilians are already the highest investors in Lisbon and Porto, with a representation of 24% and 27% respectively, although in the Algarve and at national level, the French continue to lead.

The current challenge is to account for the slowing of Chinese investment, which currently accounts for 9% of total sales to foreigners. The country’s popular tax-efficient NHR programme will do much to support that and continues to be popular with northern europeans, including British, French, Scandinavians and buyers from the Benelux countries.

In terms of typologies, T2 and T3 are the most popular amongst foreigners and Lisbon, Porto and Algarve were the  most sought after by international investors.

The president of APEMIP believes that in 2018 this demand should spread to other regions of the country, as "there are more and more investors interested in buying a home in places outside the usual areas.

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