Extremely rare launch of riverfront apartments in Paris

16 June

In Paris new-build property is extremely rare. Around 650 new-build properties are built each year, compared to roughly 24,000 in London. This difference is largely due to Paris avoiding the scale of bombing raids seen in London during the Second World War. Buildings created throughout the end of the last century continue to offer opportunities for redevelopment.

So in central Paris, where, comparatively, the vast majority of its old buildings still stand, new-build is rare. And if new-build property in Paris is rare, then waterfront new-build is virtually unheard of. 

In the past 30 years there has only been one other collection of new-build apartments available on the River Seine, in the 4th arrondissement. Most of this development sold within a matter of months.

This is why our brand new launch of river front apartments on the charming Paris island of Ile de la Jatte is so special. Not only is it just the second collection of new-build waterfront apartments in Paris to be launched in 30 years, the plot on which it is located is the last developable plot on the island.

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