Courchevel hotel receives ultimate ‘Palace’ distinction

15 June

Three new hotels across France have received the coveted ‘Palace’ classification, the Mandarin Oriental and Shangri-La in Paris and the impressive new K2 in Courchevel. 

This brings the number of ‘Palace’ hotels in France up to 16, with only the very best five star hotels being considered for the accolade.

What with France keeping its top spot as the most visited country in the world, it’s no surprise that there are so many five star hotels. There are literally hundreds. And if you include four stars and below you can make that hundreds of thousands.

This is why in 2009 the French Government established a new hotel classification system. A new ‘Palace’ category was created at this point to help distinguish the very best hotels, something many five star hotels had been requesting for quite some time.  Of course, some were worthy but not all made the cut.

The distinction is awarded for a period of five years but only those who are already classified as 5-star hotels are eligible. The assessment criterion covers everything from service and the hotel's location to number of suites and aesthetics.

Hotel le K2’s recent inclusion in the ‘Palace’ is not only good for them, but is also another feather in the cap for Courchevel 1850, the glitziest of all alpine resorts.  This is now the third hotel in the resort to gain this distinction.

Yet what is remarkable is that, as the flagship of the K collection, the K2 has reached the top of the luxury hotel ladder after only three seasons, during which it also gained two Michelin stars.

Its location is second to none, close enough to the center of the resort and with the standard breathtaking panoramas. Where it earns its crust though is in its level of service. Everything across this 20,000m² is exquisite offering true luxury in the mountains. 

Where else can you find a ‘Palace’ hotel?

The list of palaces grows. There are now 9 in Paris, three in Courchevel, two in Saint-Tropez, Biarritz, Ramatuelle and Saint-Jean-Cap-Ferrat each has one to their name.

These prestigious institutions have the most expensive rates in France. Over €1,000 per room per night is par for the course and all strive for excellence of their service, especially to their tables, with many home to Michelin star restaurants. 

- Added to shortlist

- Removed from the shortlist