Arco Augusta - Baixa

16 June

A brand new collection of 28 luxury apartments for sale in Lisbon has just been released onto the booming real estate market. Set in a prime location next to Praça do Comércio, Arco Augusta represents one of the best opportunity on the short term rental market.

The development is located in an absolutely iconic point of the neighbourhood, right next door to the famous arch and the place. The yearly rental yield can go as high as 7% and prices per sqm avrage at €7K. The architecture is classic and elegant and all appartments ranging from studio to 2-bedroom feature high end finishes. 

To this day, baixa remains Lisbon's bustling area of commerce, where high street and tourist shops sit alongside government buildings and bank headquarters. You can think of Baixa like the central point where the historic centre converges, connecting Chiado, Alfama and Avenia da Liberda with the Tagus River. 

Taking all of this into account, Baixa is a fantastic area for investing in properties for short-term rentals, and can be considered like the beating heart of the capital. 

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