A mansion perched on a tower, the outlandish new project by Starck

15 June

Over the past 40 years architecture has taken a violent and refreshing growth curve, giving us something new to adore seemingly each week. Many of today’s architectural feats will at least boast some part that echoes a traditional or historic piece of architectural design. 

With his latest creation in the imperial quarter of the French city of Metz, Philippe Starck has taken this mantra onto the next level, literally putting the old right on top of the new. Starck’s new 38m high monochrome glass tower hotel is to be crowned by a villa straight out of the 19th Century.

"Normally we put the past below the future, here we were doing the opposite," said the designer of 66 years, quoted by AFP, at the presentation of the project in Metz, which he described as "a phantasmagoria, clearly poetic certainly surreal." 

While he has renovated many palaces decorating around the world, this is the first time Philippe Starck will design a hotel from scratch. He recounted having had the idea while walking in the imperial quarter of Metz, with its noble villas and bourgeois buildings dating from the German period of Alsace-Moselle (1871-1918).

Composed of 90 rooms and 9 suites, the hotel will also feature a spa, gym, restaurants and meeting rooms, and will be of a ‘four star plus’ standard according to the creators. In total the project is expected to cost around €22m.

Terraces and trees will surround the villa, flanked by neo-Gothic turrets, windows and Art Nouveau-inspired lines. 

The hotel will be located near the ‘Centre Pompidou-Metz’, close to the future Congress Palace, designed by architect Jean-Michel Wilmotte, and a future upscale shopping center called Muse. The start of construction is scheduled for the current 2016 for delivery in 2018.

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