700 emails for one client to buy their dream ski home in France

14 June

​It’s refreshing to be in awe of colleagues, be it for growing charitable moustaches to Asterix-et-Obelix proportions or simply for a feat of achievement in the office. In additional to marketing, selling and providing finance for French properties, there’s a team at Athena who are the belly-fire of the company. Once the rest of us have found a client who wants that dream French property it’s up to them to get everyone over the finish line.

Introducing…..the Athena back office. They’re not pretty to look at but by Jove do they know what they’re doing.

Compared to other countries, the French property purchase process is highly secure and transparent, for buyers, agents and even the developer’s themselves. In many cases our clients can own their French property in less than two months from the point of enquiry. However, sometimes things can be a little more complicated.

We had a client come to us in 2012 who wanted a ski apartment in Sainte-Foy, a beautiful little resort famed for its immense off-piste skiing (it’s where the Val d’Isere ski guides have been taking their powder-thirsty clients for 20 years). The problem was they had a growing family and needed a larger than normal apartment which would be able to accommodate them on their visits, not only now, but also in the future. Originally there was no apartment big enough, but 700 emails, 300 telephone calls, many different architectural plans and a whole jar of elbow grease later and this client now has their dream family ski property in the French Alps.

Clearly it was in our interest to get their property right, but buying that property abroad is no small thing for any client so it is inevitable that we end up investing in the process personally. Perhaps it’s this that helps the back office team push on where others would fall.

I tip my hat to them.

- Added to shortlist

- Removed from the shortlist