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France relaxes Covid entry requirements for UK visitors


In a tweet this morning, France’s Minister for tourism announced that the French government will be relaxing the rules around entry for vaccinated British travellers.

In his tweet, Jean-Baptiste Lemoyne said. “We are relaxing the entry conditions in France for vaccinated travelers from the United Kingdom. The compelling reasons and isolation on arrival and ending. A negative test of less than 24h will be requested at the start. The decree will be published tomorrow morning, with immediate entry into force.”

In mid-December, just as the ski season for most resorts was getting underway, the French government decided that due to the UK’s rising levels of Covid cases due to the Omicron variant that visitors from the UK would only be allowed to enter if they had a ‘compelling reason’, thereby effectively removing any possibility for vacation-based travel.

“Most British skiers either canceled their ski holidays or had their ski holidays canceled, but some still stayed the course, trying their luck accessing France via Geneva or via other routes,” commented Charles-Antione Sialelli.

“It was disappointing as many also had to cancel their ski property search plans, but clients from the Netherlands and Germany stepped into the void. The ski property season is as busy as it has ever been and now that British can return or replan their visits, the market will only get busier.”