Buying a property in France - French notaires

Buying a property in France - French notaires

13 June 2017


A Notaire is a legal specialist who represents the most qualified type of lawyer in the French legal system. They represent the state, are appointed by the Minister for Justice and have public approval to draw up the conveyancing contracts and oversee the process of all property purchases in France, whether it’s for an apartment in the Alps, a supermarket in Strasbourg or a hotel in Paris.

The Notaire’s responsibilities

When it comes to buying French property, a Notaire’s primary responsibility is to make sure that all matters relating to the transaction are legally correct, thus ensuring that the buyer is protected by French law. This includes everything from ensuring the title deeds are properly compiled, through to checking that a development has the necessary planning permissions.

Protecting the buying process

As Notaires have such an important responsibility in the property market, French law actually states that they have a personal obligation to ensure that everything concerning a purchase is correct. This means an overseas investor’s French property purchase is therefore being handled by specialist lawyer who fully liable for his professional activities.

Notaires are one of the many reasons that France has such a secure and regulated property market.

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