Dollar buyers make big cents

€0 R$ - €0 R$


As the pound continues to float around €1.27 it is those buying in Europe with the greenback that are doing so with purpose.

Compared to this time two years ago, dollar clients are still seeing their money go around 20% further. Take a €1,000,000 property for example. In May 2014 this would have cost around $1,393,000 yet today it would only cost €1,139,000, a saving of $254,000.

But it’s not just buyers on the other side of the Atlantic that are exploit value in their currency, those with capital in a dollar pegged currency are also benefitting.


As for the pound, whilst the last few months of swings do not make for fabulous viewing, sterling buyers are still in a better position than they were two years ago. The current €1.27 is down from €1.44 in Nov 2015, but well above the €1.19 in Feb 2014.

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