3rd arrondissement

With 35,000 people living in the area, most properties are residential although the area also houses some great artistic and intellectual institutions. The northern part of Le Marais, which is the quieter one, is included within the limits of the 3rd arrondissement.

Quartier Arts-et-Métiers and Quartier Archives are two quarters characterised by an intellectual flair. The Conservatory of Arts & Craft and the Bibliothèque de Paris (Paris Library) are ‘residents' of the area. The two institutions are dedicated to providing higher education and promoting sciences throughout the city. Following the influence of these two institutions, there is a large concentration of arts and science businesses in the neighbourhood. For that reason, the arrondissement generally feels more intellectual and sophisticated than its counterparts.

Quartier des Enfants-Rouges is a popular and lively quarter thanks to the Marché du Temple. The district has more than 2,400 shops and restaurants. Lastly, the Quartier Sainte-Avoye is largely quiet and home to some notable houses such as Nicolas Flamel’s home. Two main streets such as Rue Chapon and Rue du Temple show an impressive array of ancient houses that are beautifully preserved.

The 3rd arrondissement sees an influx of tourists wandering the streets during the weekends; however, in general, it is a residential neighbourhood and a quiet place to live.

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