17th arrondissement

Devoid of any major touristic monuments, the 17th arrondissement is a true Parisian quarter with a trendy edge. Located above the Arc de Triomphe, the area, also known as Batignolles, has beautiful Haussmannian architecture. Generally not hugely popular with tourists, it is the home of what Parisians call the bobos, bourgeois bohemians. Instead of museums, the area is filled with great cafés and specialised boutiques that offer a real sense of what Paris is like for locals.

The 17th arrondissement is sectioned into four administrative quarters, Quartier des Ternes, Quartier de la Place Monceau, Quartier des Batignolles, and Quartier des Épinettes. Historically a working class neighbourhood, the area has emerged as a very diverse and trendy part of town that houses some interesting new boutiques and modern eateries. In addition, it is known to be the home of young artists, as the area offers some artist studios at affordable prices.

Parc Monceau is a great example of why the 17th arrondissement is unique and interesting. A favourite subject of Monet’s, this small yet elegant green park in the heart of the neighbourhood is filled with colonnades and historic marble statues and is a popular hang out spot for young families.

Less expensive than some of its contemporaries, such as Le Marais and the Champs-Élysées, the 17th remains a very safe option and one that many embassies have chosen as their home. Despite some areas such as l’Avenue de Clichy having a poor reputation, it generally boasts a small village charm throughout, conveying a true sense of la vie Parisienne.

The experts say

With the new properties attracting younger families and expats alike, the pro-file of the area is being redefined. Some parts of the 17e arrondissement will always remain beautifully classic, but with new developments already under-way the 17e will be a particularly interesting area to look out for.

The luxury property market in 17th arrondissement

Now is the optimal time to view a 17e arrondissement property for sale as a property investment. The property prices have nearly tripled in the past 10 years, and a thriving Paris luxury property market has developed in 17e. In addition, since losing out the Olympic bid to London, more than 3,400 new residences are being built in the area. Alongside the new residences, 30,000sq m of shops are being built with nurseries, schools and other public facilities.

The average price of properties in the 17e arrondissement is about €7,000 per sq m. A three-bedroom apartment can be found for about €900,000. Prices in the area are going to increase given the new development, and affordable apartments will become far and few in between.

Given the proximity to the 8e, a very affluent arrondissement of Paris, and the 18e, another quite popular destination, the 17e arrondissement has little risk of losing property value. The location of the quarter is ideal for most Parisians looking for a quiet place to live with access to key destinations in Paris. For that reason, the rental market is strong and continues to increase. In addition, purchasing a Paris commercial property is a good idea in the 17e as it will likely be readily available in nice, clean and generally more affordable state than its counterparts in other areas.

  • The 17e arrondissement, also known as Batignolles was annexed into Paris in 1860 by the emperor Napoleon III.
  • The area lost the 2012 Olympic bid to London, only to allow new developments to take place.

Three insiders tips for 17th arrondissement

GET – some fresh organic produce at the Saturday morning market, Marché de Batignolles.
DO – head to Acide Macaron, a salon de thé, and have some delicious almond croissants, or walk ten minutes to Le Bal Café, which has some of the best coffee in Paris.
SEE – the latest works from artists, musicians, and late-night theorists at Le Tout Petit, near Batignolles Square, and understand what makes Paris the intellectual heart of France.

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