SW8 Battersea

The SW8 postcode, also known as the Battersea area, lies just to the south of Chelsea, across the River Thames. Including the areas between Northcote Road and Clapham Common, Battersea has gained a reputation as one of London’s most popular neighbourhoods to live in and raise children.

Although often considered quite conservative, the area is attracting younger individuals who are bringing life to the area. The area is quite popular among families, and part of it is known in some circles as “Nappy Valley”, which is not necessarily a bad thing. The area is safe and offers some great cafés, specialised shops, and excellent restaurants.

But Battersea’s quaint English village feel is about to be transformed over the next few years as the redevelopment of the Battersea Power Station area and huge improvements to transport links come into play by 2020. With the £6 billion residential and commercial investment around the power station, the neighbourhood will no doubt increase in value and possibly even shake off its Nappy Valley identity.

The Royal College of Art has a campus in Battersea, and for that reason many galleries and art boutiques have filled the area. Specialised boutiques, such as a shop entirely devoted to honey, are not uncommon.

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