SW6 Fulham

Fulham used to be made up of simply one building, the Manor House. Now known as Fulham Palace, the SW6 postcode has grown and has developed into a thriving cultural hub with shops, galleries, restaurants and bars.

Although the area has increased in population, it has managed to maintain a lot of its green spaces. The neighbourhood of Fulham is filled with beautifully manicured outdoor spaces such as Bishops Park, Fulham Palace Gardens and Parsons Green.

The area attracts an affluent crowd. The schools in the area are some of the best in London, including Lady Margaret, which is one of the most desired schools for London families. In addition, the French Lycée is a huge attraction for affluent French families living in the city. Fulham has a large French and Italian community. The area tends to be quiet, except maybe on days where a match is on at the Fulham Football Club.

The streets are filled with expensive cars and the houses are a mixture of Victorian and Edwardian architecture. The area is packed with luxurious restaurants to cater to an upper class residential crowd. Many young couples and professionals flock to the area as it is safe, clean and offers a nightlife that isn’t too boisterous.

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