N1 Shoreditch and the East End

Beloved by London’s hipsters, media moguls and creative talents, Shoreditch is regarded as one of the first areas of East London to become truly gentrified. Helped in part by its proximity to The City and Liverpool Street station (one of the UK’s principal railway hubs) its central location makes it an attractive residential option for city-workers looking for a short commute.

The original tour-de-force behind the neighborhood’s evolution was the struggling artist types who first started populating Shoreditch’s outstanding collection of period housing stock in the 90’s. Next, it was the tech sector boom of the last decade that cemented Shoreditch’s status as a cradle for creative industries and London’s fast-emerging entrepreneurial scene.  A haven for start-ups, it is here that Google has its start-up think-tank and some of London’s most dynamic co-working places are located.  In 2014 alone, 15,620 new businesses were launched in Shoreditch, driving a demand for office space and nearby housing. Thanks to the outstanding selection of bars, boutiques, restaurants and a buzzing nightlife, it is now regarded as one of the most desirable areas for young professionals and entrepreneurs to live and work.  As gentrification takes hold, it is here that you now find the sort of independent boutiques and fashionable cafes that once made Notting Hill such an iconic destination.

Bordering The City and upmarket Islington to the west, Shoreditch stretches up and across East to Bethnal Green, Haggerston and uber hipster hang-out of Dalston. Its central location has led it to be described as ‘the heart of the East-End’.

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