N1 Islington

The borough of Islington comes from a very humble beginning. Having started as a workingmen’s neighbourhood, the area has risen to become one of the most prestigious London postcodes, now home to celebrities, politicians, members of the upper class and young professionals.

Walking through Islington reveals an eclectic mix of architecture. There are council flats next to mansions and, in-between, what used to be inns and social housing have been turned into pubs, wine bars and boutiques. In addition, the area has good connections to the rest of London via multiple tube services and bus routes.

A favoured activity for locals is to wander through its many gardens, more specifically through the Georgian gardens of Barnsbury Square. There are stretches of streets that are filled with unique restaurants and bars that have an alternative atmosphere, and some great music venues such as Union Chapel, a Grade I listed building that is still a working church but hosts musical acts during the weeknights. During the weekends, the prams come out in force and young families can be found either strolling through the shops or getting cosy with a roast in one of the many good pubs of the area.

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