On the shores of the Guadiana river, the nature-made border between Portugal and Spain, Ayamonte has always been a simple fishing town, hugging the banks with its white houses and ancient Roman ruins.

This river is the fourth-longest in the Iberian peninsula, meaning this town’s importance as a trading point has always been strong. It’s proximity to the Algarve with Faro just a 50-minute drive away, has meant that in the last few decades this town has become a popular destination for well-heeled tourists, but more importantly those who are willing to venture away from the cookie-cutter resorts of the Algarve.

The town has a charming old quarter with labyrinthine narrow streets, dotted with plazas, where people enjoy simple but delicious food in one of many bars and restaurants.

There are plenty of activities nearby to enjoy, from golf one of dozens of courses in the region, plus lots of water sports in the nearby beaches, walking inland, sailing and much more.

The nearest beaches to Ayamonte are at Isla Canela and Punta del Moral. Other beaches in the Huelva province worth a visit are Playa del Rompido, San Miguel and Nuevo Portil. The beaches are diverse with beautiful, scenery and pine forests extending to the beach.

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