Bordering the French and Italian Riviera, located minutes from the Nice International Airport and tucked into the maritime Alps, Monaco is a landmark in the south of France. It is the second smallest state in the world and the world’s most densely populated country. Its role as a tax haven for many means that Monaco’s property market is one of the most expensive in the world.

Still governed by the Grimaldi Royal Family, the principality is a large financial, economic and commercial centre for banking, asset management, the pharmaceutical industry and luxury goods. Wealth and luxury flows through the principality, especially with the opening of the Monte Carlo Casino, one of the main attractions of Monaco.

Apart from the casino, Monaco has a lot to offer. The centre of the city, called Monaco-Ville, is a medieval town filled with traditionally tourist shops. However, the streets are beautiful and it houses the Prince’s palace and the City Hall. Young adults and crowds of wealthy men in suits are seen in the streets looking dapper and successful.

Monaco sees healthy year-round tourism activity and it has more than 38,000 permanent residents, so there is always something to do and to see. The Grand Prix attracts visitors and tourists in the spring, opera and theatre are on every night during the months of January and February, and yacht tourism keeps the streets and port populous during the summer.

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