Conveniently neighbouring the town of Saint Raphaël and its TGV connection, Fréjus is located in the Var area of Côte d’Azur. The town was one of the earliest Roman settlements and remnants of this are still present in the town, making the streets a marvel to explore.

The town is quite small and everything is compact. The main attraction is the medieval centre, with the Cathédrale Saint-Léonce at its heart. Shops and restaurants line the small streets. During the summers, the town sees a high influx of visitors and the pedestrian streets get full. The town is generally filled with young families. The pottery fairs, the Bravade and various other festivals are charming and preserve the traditions of the town. In addition, Fréjus hosts a lot of sporting events throughout the summers that are open to all ages.

Fréjus largely attracts families with its historical sites. The rhythm of the town is slow, perfect to relax and enjoy the beaches. Saint Raphaël and Fréjus share more than 2km of beaches and most of the activities on offer in the area are watersports, like sailing, windsurfing and swimming. There are events organised throughout the summer. The winters are quieter; however, the town is quite active in military services and is the administrative centre of the department of Var in la Côte d’Azur, ensuring that the town stays alive all year long.

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