On the south-east coast of France, about 20km away from the town of Nice, lies Cannes. The town has come a long way from its fishing village origins, known today as the capital of cinema, a festival haven and home to the wealthy. Cannes has more to offer than simply film and wealth though – the heritage of the city and its evolution makes for an interesting and unique identity.

The streets and walls are marked by the pillages of Barbarians, Saracens, Sardinians and even the British. The architecture has seen many changes and the heart of the town, and the old city is a beautiful array of mixed architectural styles. In addition, the streets are packed with restaurants and bars, especially La Croisette, a street that is the epitome of Cannes’ wealth.

Cannes offers year-round sunshine, the beaches are full all summer long and designer boutiques are ubiquitous. The town sees a large variety of crowds throughout the year. Depending on the time of year, Cannes is a very different city: while loud and lavish parties are thrown in the summers, the winters see a quiet and charming French town. Winters tend to see far fewer visitors, who are generally older.

The atmosphere is joyous and relaxing all year round, in large part due to the 300-plus days of sunshine guaranteed annually. Wealth is prevalent in the town and a few celebrities sometimes roam about; however, the beauty of Cannes is that everyone is welcome and the town makes everyone feel like a movie star.

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