Formerly known as Upper Monte Carlo, Beausoleil is a town that resides at the bottom of Mount Mules, directly above Monte Carlo and Monaco’s shoreline. It is often referred to as “the Mediterranean terrace” due to its altitude of 163m, and is the laid-back and authentic counterpoint to Monaco’s glamour.

The streets of this beautifully quiet town are narrow, the houses have spectacular views and the pace of life is slow. A benefit of Beausoleil is that it can offer much of what Monaco does, at a fraction of the price. Perched on the hills behind it, Beausoleil is known for its steep passages and staircases that run down the town centre, so much so it has been called Little Montmartre. It is a picture-perfect alternative to the denser Monaco, which also allows visitors to take part in some great activities such as swimming, sailing, golf, fishing and horse riding, to name a few.

The streets also host a multitude of shops and restaurants. The boutiques have fantastic designer clothes, and the bakeries are of course excellent. The lifestyle of Beausoleil is very similar to Monaco’s, but it also caters to a greater number of families and an older crowd.

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