Antibes can be separated into two very distinct parts, the picturesque Juan-les-Pins and the Sophia Antipolis Technology Park. It is a pleasant town that is very much alive and is a stronghold of the French Riviera culture. With nearly 80,000 local residents, the town is active and lively during the summers, but generally quieter during the winter months.

The Antipolis Technology Park houses some of Europe’s most important and prolific technology companies. To this day, more than 1,300 call the area their home, and the  area is often called the Silicon Valley of Europe.

On the other side of town, Juan-les-Pins is a resort and a seaside town. Its port and ramparts still outline the wealthy past of the town. The casino, nightclubs and boutiques are what keep the area alive and popular today.

The ramparts and protective walls of the port are charming and make the town aesthetically attractive at first glance. The cobbled streets that make up Antibes are winding and have plenty of boutiques and restaurants to keep visitors occupied. Antibes is generally quieter than some of the other towns in the French Riviera, but still manages to attract tourists with its Provencal markets and its many restaurants offering local flavours.

The town’s quieter side attracts adults who are looking for a relaxing place to enjoy the sun. The nightlife is mainly reserved to casinos and a few nightclubs in the main square of Juan-les-Pins, but generally the town isn’t boisterous.

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