9th arrondissement

On the right bank of the Seine River resides the 9th arrondissement, one of Paris’ smallest districts. The quarter used to be known as the centre of Parisian high society. As a result, the area boasts beautiful buildings and elegant architecture still to be enjoyed today.

It is an important arts and culture hub. The Palais Garnier hosts some of Paris’s most important operas and ballets and the Quartier Faubourg Montmartre is a very lively quarter that hosts some great festivals and cultural events.

The Trévise Theatre and the Théâtre des Nouveautés are two small theatres that curate interesting new plays for Parisian theatre goers. They are two great examples of the cultural benefits the 9th arrondissement offers to Paris. During the week and especially on the weekends, the cafés and bistros are filled with crowds elegantly dressed for a night at the theatre.

The other two administrative quarters of the 9th, Quartier de Rochechouart and de Saint-Georges, are quieter areas that offer less artistic opportunities but are filled with beautiful buildings. Staying true to the city’s famed lifestyle, the two quarters have many restaurants and bistros that offer a classic Parisian flair.

The experts say

With the Galeries Lafayette residing in the 9th arrondissement, the streets are busy, and the property values are increasing. It is a popular tourist destination and an internationally well-recognised address, and the rental market also sees a constant increase.

The property market in 9th arrondissement

From 2003 and 2008, the price for a 9th arrondissement property for sale saw a significant increase, on average of 61.5% in value. Given the area’s central location and proximity to the 18th arrondissement and its vibrant nightlife, properties are in constant demand. The most expensive properties can be found in Chaussé-d’Antin. Apartments start at around €600,000, and can act as a great Paris property investment. Houses generally start at €1,200,000. In the northern part of the quarter, such as the quartier Saint-George, near Pigalle, a commercial property hub, flats tend to be on the cheaper side and populated by a younger demographic. Pigalle has a more eclectic atmosphere and is renowned for its risqué reputation. But because of just that, it has seen an increase in young professionals moving to the area in a desperate bid to escape very gentrified areas like Marais and St-Germain. The problem is, of course, that Pigalle is now too becoming more gentrified and will start reflecting the rest of the Paris property market. The rental price for the area is twice the national average at €24.64 per sq m. Given the location and the prestige of the address, the area is always in demand. With the lower part of the 18th arrondissement improving its reputation, there has been a ricochet effect for property prices in the 9th as well.

Three insiders tips for 9th arrondissement

GET – a table at L’Office where Chef Yosuke Yamaji recreates bistro classic with refreshing Asian flavours.
DO – grab a drink at Hotel d’Amour. The beautiful and trendy hotel bar is the place to be and be seen in the 9th.
SEE – the Fragonard Musée Du Parfum on 9 rue Scribe, housed within a Napoleon III town-house built in 1860. You’ll get to walk through a brief history of French perfumes, old and new manufacturing techniques, as well as period pieces and furnishings.

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