5th arrondissement

Once the centre and intellectual heart of Paris, the 5th arrondissement has gone through a revamp and is now also a very popular destination with tourists. The area is filled with second-hand bookshops and unpretentious bars. Conversations tend to be on the intellectual side, despite many locals believing that the area has lost the charm that it used to have in the 18th and 19th centuries.

The arrondissement is full of universities: whether in Quartier Saint-Victor or Quartier du Jardin-des-Plantes, the Pierre and Marie Curie University, the Université Paris Descartes and the School of Industrial Physics are all located there.

Quartier de la Sorbonne is named after the famed university where the intellectual elite of Paris study. It is another important intellectual landmark for the city. Built upon the Montagne Sainte-Geneviève, the university offers beautiful views of Paris.

Tourists on the literary trail hoping to see traces of Simone de Beauvoir and Honoré de Balzac often visit the neighbourhood. And although Victor Hugo and Pierre Currie have been replaced by hoards of students, the 5th has retained an erudite feel that keeps the area dynamic and unique.

There’s always a new bar to discover and a bookshop to visit, so the district is never dull, whether at night or day. Tourists love the neighbourhood since the nightlife is diverse and it provides a good look at the youthful scene of Paris without straying too far from the centre. Discover our exclusive range of apartments for sale in Paris 5th arrondissement here

The experts say

The area is brimming with students attending universities and prestigious col-leges. Despite many locals saying that the area has lost its true intellectualism and bohemian flair, the area is still seen as largely student-populated and provides a nice energy to the district.

The property market in 5th arrondissement

The 5th arrondissement is the sixth most expensive area of the city, but a likely choice for a Paris property investment. Demand is high and apartments tend to go very quickly in this part of the Paris property market. As is often the case, the demand for rental is equally as high. Properties purchased as investment opportunities usually have no trouble making a healthy return. The most expensive parts of the quarter are Val-de-Grâce and areas surrounding la Sorbonne. 5th arrondissement properties for sale around 150m sq go for above €2,300,000. Prices escalate quickly, but most buyers are willing to pay the premium for the location. A 5th arrondissement property for sale with three bedrooms near the Pantheon can start at around €800,000. To find an average Paris commercial property in this arrondissement is quite a feat and usually comes at a high price. For more economical choices in the area, look around the Quartier Latin and near the Gare d’Austerlitz. A one-bedroom in the Jardin des Plantes can be found at around €400,000.

How to Get There

By Train

Eurostar and the TGV serve Paris’ Gare du Nord. It is the perfect land-ing mark for anybody entering Paris, as it offers quick and easy trans-fers to buses, RER and the Paris Metro.

By Air

Paris’ Charles de Gaulle Airport is one of the major international hubs. There are multiple fights flying in and out of the airport on a daily basis. In addition to Charles de Gaulle, Orly Airport acts as Paris’ secondary airport and favoured amongst low-cost airlines.


Spring / Summer

The spring sees Paris at its best. The weather is temperate, with an average temperature of 4 degrees Celsius in March. The summers see lots of sunshine and an average temperature of 20 degrees.

Fall / Winter

October is a very cool period for Paris. It is often wet and rainy. The average temperature is 10 degrees and often sees it go below 6 de-grees. The winters are quite cold and have a low temperature of 0 de-grees.

Three insiders tips for 5th arrondissement

GET – local street food and produce at the market of Rue Mouffetard.
DO – try to visit a book launch event in the area. As the arrondissement is considered the literary heart of Paris, these events are not to be missed.
SEE – the view of the city from the Pantheon. From there, Paris can be seen in its entirety on a clear day.

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