2nd arrondissement

The 2nd arrondissement is considered a business district. It houses the historic Paris Stock Exchange, the Crédit Lyonnais Bank, alongside some fashion houses and craftsman shops. Given the amount of businesses and financial buildings present in the district, it can feel that the place empties on Saturdays and Sundays. Contrary to that belief, the area does have things to offer to its local residents and to Parisians on weekends.

In the Quartier Vivienne, close to the Stock Exchange, resides the best-preserved arcade in all of Paris, Galerie Vivienne. It hosts some incredible shops, includes some iconic designer boutiques. Also, there are many other shopping arcades dating back to the 19th century to loose oneself in for hours. From Passage des Panoramas and Passage Choiseul to Le Sentier, the area is well known for its fashion prowess.

The Quartier Bonne-Nouvelle is where the bulk of the residential properties are in the 2nd, whereas the Quartier du Mail’s centre is Place des Victoires, one of the few royal places in the city.

Culture is also on the menu in the 2nd, with Opéra Bastille the proud home of the city’s most prestigious operas and ballets. And some of the best restaurants in the city are proudly 2nd residents, known mostly to Parisians and locals.

The experts say

Given the number of financial and banking industries in the arrondissement, there is a strong market of young bankers wishing to rent properties from Monday to Friday. This allows properties to provide quick return on invest-ment. In addition, the apartment is then free on weekends to be enjoyed by the owner.

The property market in 2nd arrondissement

The 2nd arrondissement property market ranks number eight in terms of property prices in Paris. There are many heritage buildings to purchase and buildings that have a rich history of textile and craftsmanship. In areas such as Le Sentier and Bonne-Nouvelle, there is both a fantastic nightlife and beautiful residential homes. Other quarters in the 2nd such as Vivienne, du Mail and Gallion are more on the quiet side and offer luxury flats and less commercial property. Prices in good areas such as Rue Léopold-Bellan are extremely high. A 2nd arrondissement property for sale with one bedroom can start at around €250,000 for only 16m sq and can act as a great Paris property investment. A two-bedroom apartment can quickly increase to €400,000 and can quickly escalate beyond €2,000,000. Areas that offer a more vibrant nightlife, such as Boulevard Poissonnière and the quarter Bonne-Nouvelle, tend to be more affordable. For example, a typical two-bedroom 2nd arrondissement property for sale in that area usually starts at around €400,000. The rental market is strong and the return on investment tends to be generated quickly.

Three insiders tips for 2nd arrondissement

GET – tickets to one of the operas at the Opéra-Comique, a small building dating back to 1714 that is known for its small museum and performances it puts on. Ballets and classical music performances can be seen here as well.
DO – visit the Galerie Vivienne, one of the best-preserved galleries in Paris. It has been a registered as a historical site since the 1970s and houses some of the best fashion Paris has to offer from Jean-Paul Gaultier and local Parisian designers Wolff et Descourtis.
SEE –  inside the stock market. It doesn’t look like much from the outside, but the murals that were painted in the building are well worth a visit.

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