18th arrondissement

The 18th arrondissement has undergone a period of revitalisation in recent years. Developed in the 1840s to provide housing for workers, it quickly expanded to become an area which is young, dynamic and “bobo” - an interesting mix of boho counterculture and bourgeoisie values. It's a very cosmopolitan neighbourhood.

The main points of interest include Sacré-Cœur (Basilica of the Sacred Heart), the Montmartre Cemetery and the iconic Moulin Rouge. The colourful and lively streets, cafes, restaurants and various shops give a glimpse of the lifestyle and French gastronomy that contributes to much of the charm of the 18th arrondissement.

Clignancourt and Pigalle are two neighbourhoods where you will find kitsch antique shops and jazz bars, along with various theatres which residents are fighting to preserve.

The Dali museum in Montmartre, with its many statues and paintings on the walls, symbolises the love, beauty and wholeness that characterise the 18th arrondissement. The neighbourhood, especially Montmartre, is much more than just bus tours or souvenir shops.

The experts say

The bobo 18th arrondissement, Montmartre and its surroundings, symbolise the Paris of Amélie Poulain: charming cobblestones, artists painters, street musicians, open-air cafes and small independent merchants (market gardeners, butchers etc). These are typical neighbourhoods that keep the charm of "old France". It's easy to see why this district attracts and inspires painters, decorators and haute couture designers...

The property market in 18th arrondissement

Real estate prices in the 18th arrondissement have increased significantly in the past few years. This area attracts more and more young people who are beginning to settle in this changing neighbourhood. As a rule, the demand exceeds the supply in the district, this is largely due to it being a popular destination for expats. Houses are very rare in this district as they represent only 1% of housing in the city. So when they appear on the market, they sell at much higher prices, up to €23,800 per square metre.

Prices vary greatly depending on the neighbourhoods in the 18th arrondissement. We will find apartments to €6,500 per square metre to La Chapelle while some real estate will exceed €15,000 per square metre in the districts of Abbesses, Montmartre and Lamarck.

Property prices in this district range from  €6,100 to €13,400 per square metre. While prices here are certainly on the rise, property here is still affordable, especially when compared to other districts. Prices rose by 70% in 10 years and by 4.6% last year. This is the right time to invest in this neighbourhood before prices are soaring.

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