16th arrondissement

Being one of the largest districts in Paris and housing more than 160,000 residents, the 16th arrondissement plays an important part for the city. The area is also one of Paris’s safest. For that reason, among many others, it attracts a large proportion of younger families. The streets are filled with many BCBG individuals, or “bon chic, bon genre”, stylish members of the upper class of Paris.

The area is the most affluent of Paris and largely focuses on wealthy families and how to cater to their needs. The streets are clean and beautifully lined with flowers and cafés. Families and kids can be seen shopping and browsing the boutiques during the weekend. The nights are quiet and very safe.

The Passy Cemetery is a major landmark for the arrondissement, and for Paris as a whole. The famed painter Manet and the composer Debussy are buried within it. Among others, the area houses the museum of contemporary art, Palais de Tokyo, and is also home to most embassies.

In the Quartier de la Porte-Dauphine, there are parks and the Lac Inférieur. It is the ideal spot for boating and watching sporting events. The 16th arrondissement is the perfect location in Paris to fill a day with strolls through the city streets, doing some shopping and eating at one of the local bistros, after which one of the many large green spaces can be enjoyed with the family.

Over the past couple of years, the district has seen an influx of younger individuals moving into the neighbourhood, which is providing the district with new, youthful energy. It is popular among expats and is seeing an increasingly growing American community. The area is also becoming popular with foreign investors as it is very safe and has a thriving expat community.

The property market in 16th arrondissement

The area is well known to be clean, safe and to offer quality properties, which tend to be much bigger in size than anywhere else in the city. The demand for the area is consistent. Streets such as Avenue Foch, Auteuil and Passy are the most sought-after and therefore the most expensive. This area is best for residential property investments as commercial properties for sale are far and few between. 

A 16th arrondissement property for sale normally ranges between €8,000 and  €16,000 per square metre, with €11,000 per square metre as an average. Prices have increased by 44% in 10 years and by 6% last year, and keep rising in general. With the demand being higher than supply, prices are predicted to enhance further and properties for sale are expected to be sold quickly.

This arrondissement is quite large and therefore property prices here can vary a lot. Since the northern part of the arrondissement is located farther away from the centre, the prices for properties are generally less expensive. The rental market in the area, however, is constantly growing as Parisians like the tranquillity and the close proximity to the centre of the city, a great Paris property investment for those looking for buy-to-rent.

Three insiders tips for 16th arrondissement

GET – a table at L’Ourcine, a quintessential Parisian bistro. Enjoy the daily fresh fish deliveries from Brittany and seasonal game in autumn.
DO – visit the latest exhibition at the Palais de Tokyo. And maybe after, grab a table at chic brasserie Monsieur Bleu.
SEE – the villas or what are also called hameaux, that make up the streets of Passy-Auteuil. They are some of the most curious and charming parts of the neighbourhood. They create honeycombed enclaves that are fun to discover.

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