15th arrondissement

The 15th arrondissement is the largest and most populated district in Paris. Bordering the 14th, 6th and 7th, the arrondissement is extremely well located and provides access to the centre of Paris. For that reason, the 15th is both a hub for residential and commercial properties, offering different atmospheres.

The area is generally not touristy, despite housing some interesting monuments. The main reason why the 15th is so pleasant to visit is the local population. Along with a variety of specialised shops, cafés, bistros and wine cellars, the local crowd give it a very traditional Parisian charm.

Quartier Javel and Grenelle are both commercial and industrial pillars for Paris. Grenelle houses some of the highest buildings in the city. And the Javel quarter is home to many television studios, so worth keeping an eye out for celebrities commuting in and out of the arrondissement.

Away from the main boulevards, the surrounding streets of the 15th tend to be quiet and quaint and offer a break from the city hustle. The commercial streets see an influx of workers in the early and late hours after work but generally, tend to die down during the weekends.

The experts say

You can identify the 15th from afar thanks to its hot air balloon, which can be seen floating above the André Citroen park.

The property market in 15th arrondissement

Because of the area’s size, prices for a 15th arrondissement property for sale tend to vary a lot, depending on the location. Properties with the highest price tag are found around the Champ de Mars area. Generally speaking, property can be found on the market for €9,000 per sqm in average. In the area of Vaugirard, one-bedroom apartments start at around €300,000, making them a very good Paris property investment. The prices tend to increase with the size and as the location comes closer to the centre. Properties that are larger can easily reach the €1,500,000 mark. Properties in close proximity to buildings of interest such as Unesco and embassies increase in value as foreign investors seek them out. The commercial property market in the 15th is bustling and a nice variety of commercial businesses are found. The rental market is high in the area, and the average rent price is €24 per sqm, which is twice the national average. Browse our exclusive collection of apartments for sale in Paris 15th arrondissement here
  • Quartier Javel is where bleach was invented and first manufactured. The French name for bleach is Eau de Javel.
  • Before the French revolution, the area was largely made up of religious monuments and houses

Three insiders tips for 15th arrondissement

GET – a book at Marché du Livre Ancient, near George Brassens Park. It is worth visiting simply if you are browsing, but it is hard not to leave the store without a little purchase.
DO – pay a visit to Village Suisse, the renowned antiques dealer. The ideal place to find everything from silver armour to furniture.
SEE – that even the French do Thai cuisine impeccably at Erawan, a small elegant restaurant with two small dining rooms. Arguably the best Thai in Paris.

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