W6 Hammersmith

Hammersmith, located between Barons Court, Fulham, Chiswick and West Kensington, is a combination of very different elements. There are busy shopping streets, loud transport hubs and many office developments, but a short walk down a street can lead to a riverside path and relaxing little enclaves.

Having started as a very industrial community, the area blossomed into a cosmopolitan village. It used to be home to a distillery, sugar refinery and water pump factory.

Residences are a mix of Georgian and Victorian. The Georgian villas overlook the riverside and the rowing clubs, whereas the Victorian terraced houses line the streets in inner Hammersmith.

The area has many green spaces to escape the bustling of the city professionals that come to the area during the week. Ravenscourt Park is a popular one among families and the younger crowd for picnics and just enjoying the fresh air.

The area attracts an eclectic crowd, from the large French population to the growing number of Italians, while the amount of Asian buyers is starting to increase as well. Hammersmith caters to a very cosmopolitan crowd and the offer is constantly growing; now is good time to look into buying into the area.

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