W2 Paddington

The W2 postcode includes the area of Paddington, Bayswater and Queensway. The area is a major tourism hub, as Paddington Railway station, built in 1854, is the first stop for any tourists. It is a 15-minute train ride from Heathrow Airport.

Despite its central location and good connections to the rest of London, it was for a very long time considered a bit shabby and was not well developed. Luckily, the area is seeing a revival as new properties are being built around the canal basin. The modern aesthetic, good transport links and top-class amenities that they offer are popular with renters, young professionals and students. This is bringing a new wave of culture to the area.

Paddington is very popular among Middle Eastern buyers; the shops and the flavours of the area represent those cultures. Paddington has a very unique culinary offering. Edgware Road, nearby, has some of London’s best Lebanese food. The street is lively at all hours every night of the week.

In addition to the restaurant culture of the area, W2 has many galleries and museums to visit; one of the most influential contemporary galleries in the neighbourhood is the Lisson Gallery.

Historically a crafts district, the streets off Edgware Road are full of antique shops, markets and textile emporiums. It lends the area a manufacturing feel that adds to the authenticity of the neighbourhood. And with the recent regeneration, the area feels safer and more families are moving in.

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