SW15 Putney

Located in the borough of Wandsworth, Putney is known as one of the most pleasant areas in London. In the past, Putney was mostly made up of large fields and was only visited by the wealthy Londoners wanting to escape the bustling city; however, since then it has grown to be a lively and burgeoning London suburb.

Putney generally attracts families, but because of its safe reputation and the great transport links to the city centre more young professionals and foreign investors are looking to the area to purchase a property. It is also a popular choice for foreign individuals looking for a London pied-à-terre.

When walking the streets of the neighbourhood, there is an air of sophistication. The roads are lined with tennis courses, golf courses and cricket grounds and in the summer rowing clubs practise on the river. The pubs and the cafés are located right on the riverside and a walking path is always busy with local residents strolling with their dogs. During the evenings the pubs are filled with after-work crowds and students from the nearby Roehampton University.

Putney offers a fantastic opportunity to live a quaint and village-like life in close proximity to London. It feels far away enough from London to relax and enjoy the outdoors, at Richmond Park and Wimbledon Common for example, but still be only 30 minutes from the city centre.

The experts say

The highest selling point for locals is the accessibility of some of London’s finest green spaces. Wimbledon Common and Richmond Park are the two favourite spots of locals. The views are spectacular and have great spaces to play sports.

The property market in SW15 Putney

The average price for a property in the area of Putney and SW15 is £750,000 and that is an increase of 11% from the previous year’s property prices, making it a wise choice for a London property investment. Property prices are generally quite high in the borough and they attract a very high net worth audience, this is true for commercial property as well. Properties surrounding the centre of Putney and the high street tend to be on the pricey side. However, farther away, or a short bus ride from the centre, some properties are available at a more affordable entry level. Commercial properties for sale on the high street are always desirable and a good investment opportunity. Those properties generally tend be snapped up at the speed of lightning. Smaller properties start around the £500,000 price point. Houses usually start at around £1,400,000 and can reach above the £2,200,000 mark, with some detached houses reaching upwards of £10,000,000. The rental market for the area is high, as people like the safety and suburban feel of the neighbourhood. Students in the nearby universities also make up a large portion of the rental market demand.

Three insiders tips for SW15 Putney

GET – a coffee and stroll along the river Thames. The local coffee of choice can be found at Grind.
DO – commute the alternative way and take a boat. Some locals opt to take the R​iver Bus​ from the Putney Pier. The RB6 runs to Blackfriars.
SEE – local art with the Putney Sculpture Trail. The London Borough of Wandsworth made nine works by Brit Alan Thornhill permanent fixtures along the south side of the Thames back in 2008.

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