SE10 Greenwich

Greenwich is a borough that has a lot of history and is revered by many Londoners. South of the Thames and near the financial district of Canary Wharf, the borough was given the title of Royal Borough due to its historical importance and contribution to London’s history. From Greenwich Mean Time, to the Royal Naval Academy and the Queen’s House & Royal Gardens, the borough is packed with significance, but its real charm is the lively community that populates in this area.

The Royal Naval Academy is still in use today, but there is also the University of Greenwich, which attracts a large student crowd to the borough. There are restaurants offering new culinary choices and unique flavours to cater to the younger demographic. In addition, some fantastic local breweries are making a name for themselves across London.

The Greenwich Village comes alive with small boutiques and antique shops on the weekends, when small treasures can still be found and won’t cost much. The streets are filled with young families having a stroll and students ‘brunching’. The atmosphere is much more relaxed than the heart of London, but is only a short 25-minute tube ride to the centre.

Ahead of the 2012 Olympics, the local council invested £20m to restore and regenerate the area. The equestrian activities for the Olympics were in Greenwich and therefore the amenities are impeccable. The borough offers a safe and relaxed environment to raise kids in, for students to study, and for young professionals to live, yet still be in close proximity to the heart of London.

The experts say

Cutty Sark is an original clipper ship that was used in the tea and wool trade between the UK, Australia, and China. It held the record as the fastest ship from Australia to Britain for 10 years and now resides permanently in Greenwich.

The property market in SE10 Greenwich

This is the perfect time to purchase a residential property in Greenwich. It also seems to be a great opportunity to purchase a commercial property for sale in the area. The residential property value has seen the highest jump in value anywhere in Britain. It has increased by 24.6% since 2014. The commercial property market has seen a similar jump since 2014. It is a picturesque village-like neighbourhood. The area is renovating and modernising while maintaining the historical charm and aesthetic. There are many opportunities to pursue a property investment in the area. One-bedroom flats start around £300,000 and can climb up to £500,000. Bigger flats with two to three bedrooms are on the market at around £700,000 and can easily reach the £1,000,000 price point. Period houses near Hyde Vale and Gloucester Circus start around £1,000,000 and can reach £3,000,000.

Three insiders tips for SE10 Greenwich

GET – something interesting and unique at the Greenwich Market on Saturdays and Sundays. It hosts a variety of stands that display original artwork, fashion, handmade jewellery, and fresh produce.
DO – have a local beer at The Old Brewery at Meantime Greenwich (where they produce their own tipple).
SEE – the view of London from Greenwich Park, behind the Queen’s House. Bring a picnic and sit with the whole family on a clear day.

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