SE1 Southwark

The London borough of Southwark comprises some of the most iconic monuments in London, Shakespeare’s Globe Theatre, Tate Modern and London Bridge. Including the Vauxhall area, which is currently undergoing a major renovation, the SE1 postcode is a highly sought after by property investors from all over the world.

One of the area’s main attractions is the famous Borough Market, which is open from Thursday to Saturday. Always buzzing, many Londoners spend their Saturdays there, browsing the specialty food stalls, stocking up on organic produce and sipping on pints of ale.

Vauxhall is well known for its lively gay and lesbian scene. With theatres such as Above The Stag, putting on LGBT-friendly plays and musicals, and  late-night clubs, the area is always bursting with an eclectic crowd. In addition, it sees a lot of pop-up restaurants by young up-and-coming talent. With cheaper than average rental prices for venues, young culinary geniuses can test out their new creations to an adventurous market.

Bermondsey is very popular among young professionals, given its great transport connections to the rest of London, and its proximity to the financial districts of Canary Wharf and The City of London. In addition, the area is full of great restaurants, busy gastropubs and lively food markets like Maltby Street – a calmer alternative to the busy Borough Market. And with art institutions like the White Cube opening shop right on Bermondsey Street, it’s safe to say the area has arrived.

SE1 really has a lot to offer. The National Theatre, Hayward Gallery, British Film Institute (BFI), Tate Modern, festivals, food stalls… it’s a never ending hub of cultural activities.

The experts say

A unique and interesting part of the Southwark borough is the stark contrast between the shiny new architecture standing out against older and iconic monuments such as London Bridge. Finding converted apartments and houses among the new buildings is possible and can provide good investment opportunities.

The property market in SE1 Southwark

The area of Southwark is constantly changing and evolving and offers some great property investment opportunities. The residential property value for the area has increased by 27% in the past year alone. It is one of London’s  preferred neighbourhoods to purchase a property with the intention of renting it (buy-to-let properties). Similarly, the commercial property market is thriving and with lots of young professionals moving to the area, businesses are following suit to cater to the growing demand for nice restaurants and cafés. On average, a house in the area is above £1,600,000. One- and two-bedroom flats can start around the £400,000 price point, but on average sell for about £840,000. Finding a commercial property for sale in Southwark (SE1) is relatively easy and they can be found in particularly interesting locations, such as Maltby Street Market. The rental market is very lucrative, as it is favoured among young professionals looking for a short commute to work. In addition, lots of students want to rent properties in the area because it is safe, and has great bars and restaurants.

Three insiders tips for SE1 Southwark

GET – tickets to a documentary at the BFI South Bank. On weekdays, some great documentaries are being put on for the London film buffs.
DO – avoid the crowded Borough Market and spend a Sunday at Maltby Street Market a little farther down in Bermondsey, where good food is cooked under the arches.
SEE – the next big thing at the White Cube Gallery.

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