NW1 Camden

Located just north of the city, Camden is a borough of contradictions. With markets and the Camden Lock filled with small crafts and other knick-knacks made by hippies and club kids, a bit farther into the NW postcode resides some of London’s most beautiful Georgian homes and a large residential community filled with families.

The area is always bustling with tourists and locals alike, all wanting to visit the many markets. The Stables are old industrial buildings that have been converted to sell vintage clothing and antiques. Another interesting market is the Camden Lock village near Chalk Farm, an area filled with independent boutiques alongside small restaurants.

The area is popular among families and the younger creative crowd, given the six markets that serve the borough, but also because of the proximity to green spaces. The borough is well served with parks and open areas, from Regent’s Park to Primrose Hill, and it extends all the way to the Hampstead Road Lock alongside the Regent’s Canal.

The nightlife in Camden is diverse and unique. There are old blues bars and some eclectic pubs that still show signs of the area’s alternative past. Wandering the streets in the evenings and during the weekends, you see a somewhat unconventional side to  London. Perhaps not everybody’s cup of tea, but Camden has managed to avoid overt gentrification and retain its rough-around-the-edges charm.

The experts say

The borough is developing a new initiative between Camden Town Unlimited (CTU) and the University of the Arts London. The initiative aims to promote Camden as the new hub for arts and culture.

The property market in NW1 Camden

The property market in Camden is stable. It has the strongest annual price change year on year. Historically, the area used to thrive because of its alternative music and fashion; now the council has invested a lot of money in order to clean it up and make it family and investor friendly. Luckily, the council managed to strike a balance between this and maintaining the vibe of the area. The Camden locks and stalls are still a highly visited attraction as they stay true to Camden’s past. The rental market is constantly in demand and rent prices are higher than in most boroughs. In addition, commercial properties on sale are frequent and the area is always sought after by new business owners. A one-bedroom property can start at around £275,000 and be a great property investment as most prices quickly escalate the closer the property is to transport or popular destinations such as the Camden markets. Location does affect the value of any London commercial property. Houses and mansions can be priced up to £15,000,000 farther up north in the Chalk Farm area.

Three insiders tips for NW1 Camden

GET – a table at the York and Albany. Co-founded by celebrity chef Gordon Ramsay, the meals never disappoint.
DO – see live music at the Blues Kitchen. A great selection of whiskeys and some fine local talent will keep you falling in love with Camden.
SEE – a gig at the Roundhouse. The music venue has become an institution for London. Through the years it has hosted acts such as Jimi Hendrix and Pink Floyd.

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