The City

When locals talk about The City, it’s not the capital itself but the historic heart of London they are referring to – now one of the world’s leading financial and business hubs.  Yet whilst in most major capitals, finance denotes towering skyscrapers and a modernist bustle of commerce, the City is a true beauty to behold.  Characterized by striking churches, world-class colleges and cultural institutions, it is here that wigged lawyers battle for justice in the Inns of Court and where you can still find remnants of Tudor architecture before the Great Fire destroyed most of London.  It is also where Britain’s architectural greats went on to craft their masterpieces: From Christopher Wren’s ethereal St Paul’s Cathedral to John Soane’s striking Bank of England, the architectural majesty imbues the neighborhood with the weight of history and a lingering air of nobility.

In addition to its evocative architecture, The City offers an unbeatable central location; within walking distance of some of the capital’s finest restaurants, a stone’s throw from the vibrant nightlife and theatres of the West-end, a short stroll to the leafy embankment.

Living in The City has long been for the favored few.  While over 300,000 people commute daily to work here, the residential population numbers just 7,000.  This ensures new developments are highly sought after by executives, lawyers and international high-flyers looking to save on commuting time while making the most of the wealth of world class services available on their door-step.   With Kings College and LSE in close proximity, it is also a favored location for international students and their families to invest.  State-of-the-art developments combining 24 hour concierges and state-of-the art gyms and dining facilities are increasingly becoming the norm.

The experts say

While there are a growing number of new developments designed to cater to high-level clients in search of luxury coupled with convenience, uber-luxury developments with authentic style are still a rare find. Those that retain a live-able intimacy, rather than an air of purpose-built halls of residence are the ones that will provide the best return on investment over time.

The property market in The City

Property for sale in The City is a solid investment. While the approximate rental yield is relatively conservative (an average of 2%), it is a strong market for long-term rentals.  Property in the area has increased on an average of 10% over the past 5 years. Like investing in Paris’ Champs-Elysées or Lisbon’s Avenida da Liberdade, residential property in the City is an asset to hold and watch appreciate over time. Given the consistently high-level of demand, property for sale is easily trade-able. The average price for luxury property in the City ranges from £681 per square foot to £1,956 per square foot, some of the highest in London.

Three insiders tips for The City

VISIT - the historic house, museum and library of distinguished 19th century architect Joan Soanes in Lincolns Inn Fields.
DO - take a walking tour to explore the secrets of The City of London
SEE - the sunset over London from the spectacular suspended urban garden at SkyBar

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