With a population of no more than 1,000, Sainte-Foy en Tarentaise is quiet and discreet. It offers sophistication and peace for those who wish to visit it. Despite its size, the village is very modern, yet respectful of the traditional architecture of the Tarentaise Valley, stone and wood chalets. It overlooks the Thuria Glacier, which can be enjoyed by sitting in one of the village’s many cafe terraces.

Sainte-Foy en Tarentaise caters to the adult group seeking good-quality accommodation in a location that is quieter, not too heavily focused on nightlife and has access to fantastic skiing and relaxing spas. In addition, Sainte-Foy en Tarentaise is popular among families with young children as the village offers great beginner skiing pistes.

The village streets are nestled within the trees and are bound by the river Isère and the Italian border. The ski resort has four chair lifts, and two beginners’ carpet lifts. This is not one of those ski-in and ski-out places in the Alps. The village offers peace and relaxation and the cadence of the village reflects that. It is filled with locals who all know one another and restaurants and cafés that offer delicious local flavours and terraces to bask in the sun whenever not on the pistes.

Sainte-Foy en Tarentaise offers a calm and relaxed atmosphere for both beginner skiiers and adventurous off-piste riders, as well as golf and hiking lovers. It offers quality accommodation and activities to those in the know.

The experts say

Historically, Sainte-Foy en Tarentaise was known as a fantastic spot for off-piste riders. Now, because the skiing facilities are being updated every year, the resort offers a more varied ski landscape.

The property market in Sainte-Foy-en-Tarentaise

Property for sale in Sainte-Foy en Tarentaise doesn’t come around often. However, given its relatively unknown status, the prices are still very reasonable and can be considered a great choice for a second home or for a property in the Alps. The architecture of the ski chalets for sale tends to reflect the Tarentaise culture, made up of wood and stone. The ski properties for sale in the area profit from the resort’s facilities, which are being frequently updated. Access to fantastic runs has been made easier, making the resort increasingly attractive for skiers.

Sainte-Foy en Tarentaise property for sale can include a two-bedroom apartment in the centre of the town and can be priced between €190,000 and €250,000. Chalet-style houses can start at around €400,000 and can go upwards of €1,500,000 depending on the amenities and location.

How to Get There

By Train

The quickest way to reach Sainte-Foy en Terantaise is by rail using the TGV and arriving at the Chambéry station. A short car ride of a little more than an hour is needed to reach the village thereafter.

By Air

The nearest airport is Geneva Airport, about 200km away. It can easily be reach by car in under two hours and twenty minutes.


Spring / Summer

As the village is north-west facing, it sees a lot of sun all year long. However, it also gets a lot of precipitation, even during the driest month. The weather is very temperate in the summers and sees an average of 18°C in the warmest months (June, July and August).

Fall / Winter

The precipitation continues even in the winter, and as the village is high in altitude it receives an abundant snowfall each year. The climate is usually cold, but the winters rarely go below the 0°C, even in its coldest month (January).

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