La Plagne

Between Isère Valley and Dôme de Bellecôte (3,400m in altitude), lies La Plagne. Built in the early 1960s, the village offers skiing from 1,200m to 3,250m in altitude. It is separated into smaller settlements from Belle Plagne and Plagne Centre that both house comfortable apartments and streets filled with simple restaurants and ski shops. On the other side of the mountain, smaller villages such as Champagny, Montalbert and Montchavin can be found, where cottages and town centres offer beautiful views of the mountains and good access to the ski areas.

Some of the villages, such as Belle Plagne and Montchavin, were designed in collaboration with modernist and brutalist architects that were futuristic in their vision. In fact, La Plagne is renowned for its architecture, which fans of Le Corbusier and his architectural style will surely enjoy. If your ideal London pad is the Barbican centre, then La Plagne is for you.

The streets of La Plagne are filled with avid skiers and freestyle lovers. People walking down the streets will be hunting for the nearest ski shop, rather than fashion boutiques. As the villages usually attract younger single skiers, the villages are known to be quite rowdy and have a fun nightlife. There are more than 50 restaurants dispersed throughout the villages and the après-ski is quite active, with over 10 nightclubs to choose from.

Skiing is not the only activity offered in La Plagne – one major attraction for the region is a 22m man-made climbing wall near the Vanoise National Park, which fills the streets of the village with sport-ready visitors.

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