Grand Serre Che

The area of Le Grand Serre Che is made up of three villages and one town, Le Monêtier (1,500m in altitude), Villeneuve (1,400m in altitude), Chantemerle (1,350m in altitude), and lastly the town of Briançon, the highest town in France at 1,200m in altitude.  It offers over 250km of ski, yet the villages are generally quaint and rustic. Only a few years ago have hotels and four-star accommodation started popping up in the area.

The streets are cobbled and lined with shops, restaurants and small pub-like bars. Briançon, a World Heritage Site, is filled with rustic charm and the old part of the town is filled with traditional inns, patisseries and restaurants that aim to maintain its 17th century charm. Another important charm for the area is the friendliness of the locals. Serre Chevalier has a reputation for being extremely friendly and welcoming to outsiders.

The summer season sees the villages change from ski resorts to popular mountain walking and rock climbing destinations. This creates a healthy year-round tourism industry in the area for the 18,000 local residents.

Given the size of the area, the use of cars and buses is needed in the area, but it is possible to manage without it. This means that the village centres are not car-free and can become quite busy.

The experts say

The ski lift system is very extensive and generally the skiing is taken very seriously. A total of sixty-eight lifts are present throughout the resort. In addition, they are maintained to a very high standard throughout the season and thus creating an assurance for skiers coming to the area, and the resort’s reputation benefits greatly from that.

The property market in Grand Serre Che

Properties in Serre Chevalier can range from small ski-in ski-out apartments to extensive lodges, ski chalets and other ski properties. What is interesting is that they all seem to mingle effortlessly together in the villages. Purchasing a property in Serre Chevalier is a safe investment, as an Alps property for sale generally benefits from a solid rental market.

Given the size of the resort and its popularity with families, larger properties are not hard to find. The typical property style that can be found in the region ranges from chalets to Provence houses and apartments. Chalets with three or more bedrooms can start at around €600,000 and can easily go upwards of €1,500,000, especially in the town of Briançon. The Alps property market in the region generally tends to start at around €250,000 for a small ski property for sale, but can reach upwards of €500,000 given its size and location. In villages like Chantamerle, a one-bedroom apartment can be found for under €200,000. And a small ski chalet for sale can go upwards of €400,000.

How to Get There

By Train

The Chambéry TGV station is the closest train station to Le Grand Serre Che. It provides a direct link from Paris, Nantes and other French cities and is under a three-hour drive to the resort.

By Air

The nearest airport is Turin International airport on the Italian side, only 138km away, and a short two-hour-and-20-minute drive. Another option would be to fly via Grenoble-Isère airport, which is 256km away and a little bit over a three-hour drive.


Spring / Summer

The summers in the region are pleasant and sunshine-filled. The temperature can easily each the mid 20 °C . The spring months are quite lush and heavy with precipitation and provide the summer months with beautiful landscapes to explore.

Fall / Winter

Given the altitude of Le Grand Serre Che, the winter is often abundant with snow. From the end of October to the beginning of March, the village is living under heavy snowfall, with the average temperature being 3°C..

At glance

Covering more than 250km of ski pistes, Le Grand Serre Che is one of the French Alps’ largest ski resorts. It offers some excellent high altitude skiing between 1,200m to 2,800m. In addition, the summer months see Serre Chevalier become a dedicated kayaking, mountain biking and climbing area.

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