To describe Samoëns as a charming alpine town can sound trite; however, it is very accurate. In contrast to its neighbour Flaine, it has a very traditional Savoyard architecture and has maintained a small-town approach despite the increased popularity of the region.

The area offers some fantastic ski slopes, from 710m to 2,500m in altitude, with nearly 30 slopes in the resort, ranging from green and red to the black diamond piste Aigle Noire. In addition, the resort offers activities such as dog sledding, frozen waterfall climbing and snowshoeing. Enough to keep everybody in the family busy.

Although it is known as a ski resort, the summer months are when the resort truly shines. The scenery is beautiful and it is a great playground for activities such as water sports, climbing and even hand gliding.

Given the smaller, quainter nature of the resort, nightlife options are not plentiful and as such the resort caters more to families and a slightly older crowd. Still, there is a variety of nice restaurants offering local dishes as well as shops to browse local crafts. Quaint and quiet, Samoëns offers a truly authentic and relaxing experience for anyone who visits.

The experts say

Samoëns’ story starts in 1438 when, the Duke Amédée VIII granted the village ownership of several surrounding mountain pastures. The village people planted a Great Lime Tree that day, and it still stands today 575 years later.

The property market in Samoëns

In the beautiful and historic village of Samoëns, considered by many to be the prettiest in the entire French Alps, new-build properties are hard to come by due to strong and consistent international demand, especially classic freehold apartments.

With more and more people looking for the perfect all year round location, this has to be one of the finest alpine destinations for a ski home, perfectly combining a real dual-season Savoyard village with immediate access to a snow sure skiing area.  Browse and enquire about our exclusive range of property for sale in Samoëns here

  • Le Grand Massif is composed of 5 ski resorts including Samoens and counts 148 km of interconnected pistes with good amount of snow all year long.
  • In 1659, there were so many ‘frahans’ (the local name for stonecutters and masons) in Samoëns and their expertise was so well known that they set up a very famous brotherhood.
  • The name “Samoëns” is based on a mediaeval expression meaning “the seven mountains”, a reference to the peaks around the village - Cuidex, Vigny, Folly, Oddaz, Bostan, Chardonnière, Freterolles and La Vullie.

How to Get There

By Road

Samoens is easily accessible by the A40 motorway that connects the resort to the surrounding cities. Genève and Annecy is approximately a 1-hour drive (38/49 miles), whilst Lyon is at 2 and a half hour drive from Samoens (126 miles). It will take you 6 hours to go to the village from Paris.

By Train

Cluses train station is the closest from Samoens, whilst Geneva and Bellegarde are alternative options.

By Air

Geneva airport is the quickest way to get to Samoens. Buses and taxis will take you to the village from the airport.

Three insiders tips for Samoëns

GET - Lost in the historic centre with its old market and traditional houses.
DO - Summer sports such as mountain hiking, mountain biking or water-skiing or wakeboarding.
SEE - The famous emblematic lime tree celled ‘Le Gros Tilleul’ that was planted in 1438.

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