Saint Gervais has something to be proud of, both on and off the mountain, as it offers a relaxed and unpretentious environment that will charm anyone, from beginners to intermediates and families alike. Its dramatic scenery and bountiful amount of long cruising rides is what differentiates Saint Gervais from its more high-profile contemporaries.

Internationally reputed for its thermal baths since 1806, it allows you to ski over 445km o​f beautiful powdery snow. Les Bains, with their healing qualities, soothing and anti-inflammatory characteristics, will leave you ready for another full day of skiing.

Saint Gervais les Bains manages to distinguish itself from the built-for-purpose resorts by being a true window into a long history of the Val Montjoie, which consists of St Gervais les Bains and St Nicholas de Veroce.

With a couple of modern improvements, Saint Gervais has maintained its pleasant, relaxing atmosphere and wealth of retro-chic allure, with a solid and welcoming community. The resort also offers a good link to the transit, which is well managed, and a panoply of activities to choose from: hot air ballooning, paragliding and the Tramway du Mont-Blanc to name a few.

Saint Gervais established itself as much more than a ski resort with its winter to summer activities and its baths, which offer an incredible year-round experience. As a result, the village manages to thrive throughout the seasons.

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