Megève’s international reputation began to grow around 1920 when the Rothschild family set its heart and resources on the small village. The goal was to build a destination that would match the best Swiss ski resorts: a French St Moritz. Megève attracted the “crème de la crème”, a creative, innovative and stylish crowd thirsty for a beautiful escape coated in the French “art de vivre”. Today this vibrant community remains the heart and value of the station.

One of the undeniable assets of Megève is its appeal not only in winter but in the summertime. The low altitude – only 1,113m  to 2,350m – allows nature to thrive, creating picture-like landscapes of white snow patterned with pine trees. In summer, the immaculate slopes turn into a green and groomed golf course where the same community of regulars swap their skis for a seven iron. Based on a good infrastructure and heritage, preserved natural beauty and a strong community life, Megève has moved beyond the simple ski resort to become an attractive destination all year round. Discover our collection of luxury property for sale in Megève here.

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