La Rosière

This may be a built-for-purpose resort, but it has done a fantastic job when considering the skier and the region in which it is set. La Rosière is formed of the two villages La Rosière 1850 and Les Eucherts, making up one great resort for your family. This village will not try to charm you like the rest of the Alpine villages, but it does put pragmatism forward and that will be enough to delight you.

The two villages house a great array of activities for the whole family, including bowling, discos and ice rinks among others, which make up a lively, unpretentious and easygoing atmosphere. The village has been designed to create ease and comfort for the residents and visitors. Many footpaths run between each village and to various accommodations and chalets. 

The pistes attract families and beginner to mid-level skiers. You will not find the die-hard extreme sports lovers, but the more confident skiers in the family can pop over to La Thuile where more challenging pistes reside. In addition, La Rosière has managed to earn a reputation for being quite edgy with its sport offering. It is the only ski resort in the Alps still offering heli-skiing. Additionally, it provides a chance to get involved with up-and-coming snow sports such as snow kiting and speed riding.

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